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Coupons vs. Gift Certificates

Thank you for visiting Appleton Savings our goal is to help you save money. While some websites are now asking you to purchase coupons, they are calling gift certificates we are dedicated to giving you free coupons. everyday! Yes we love those gift certificate coupons as well, however most are limited to one coupon deal per day.  This means they will spam you every single day and some times multiple times to get you to take advantage of their offer.  So if you want spam and you want a third party website to have your credit card information we would recommend you go ahead and spend some money to save some money. One trick to get around the whole leaving your credit card information online is purchasing a prepaid MasterCard or Visa.

Appleton Savings has over 80 businesses offering over 300 specials right now! While you can purchase a $10 gift certificate for only $5 we are not doubting that this is a pretty good deal, but when you get a 20 percent off coupon that is free and your bill is $40 you just saved $8 now what would you rather be using a gift certificate you purchased or a free coupon which saved you some serious cash!

Another downfall to online gift certificates is the fact many of them have a disclaimer stating that you can not use with other offers. So in essence they act like a coupon the only difference is you just paid $5 to get your $10 coupon. When you could have saved more money by using a coupon with a percentage off. Or by simply getting a coupon that states $5 off purchase over x amount of dollars. Now there are some advantages to some of these gift certificates for example purchasing a $10 gift certificate for $5 and the average ticket of the establishment is only $10 to $20 now you just saved some serious money. But it is still only $5, however, if the cost is low that $5 is excellent.

At Appleton Savings we will try to get you only the best coupons from the most reputable establishments in Appleton Wisconsin. Keep coming back and tell us what coupons you want to see!